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-= UPDATE =-

My computer decided to break and I do not have a backup. This means updates will be delayed, or updates will stop till I update to newer versions. Please be patient. I am hoping that my mod files will be able to be recovered, although it may not be likely as the hard drive is mainly blown.




Please do not use other sites to download my mod. If you do not use CurseForge you are just giving money to a random person across the world by visiting AdFly links, and those downloads can give you malware/viruses. Again, please only use THIS CurseForge page to download BDM.


Please visit Stop Mod Reposts for more information.


-= BDM =-

Welcome! This mod was created by Billy Playz with help from candygamer_YT. I started this mod on MCreator but discontinued it after I started getting into Java code. Now, this mod has better features and gets updated regularly with new features every update!


-= Contains =-

 This mod adds (as of now) creative blocks for you to use in your buildings including tables, chairs, crates and more, but to reserve space (and because I do not have the code knowledge) I have not added any functions to many blocks, but some will be coming soon. It also adds dyed variants of all wool/clay blocks!


 -= Discord =-

Also, I have a Discord server you can all join! It is fit for all and has a lovely community, small but friendly! Join here!


-= Contribute =-
If you want a feature added, please comment them or DM me! Anyone who contributes to the mod will have a plushie skin or deco added to the mod to represent them if wanted!


-= Notes =-

  1. I own all models in my mod unless stated otherwise, even if inspired or look like other models.
  2. I learned Java code from Loremaster, so go check him out and give him support!
  3. My mod will update every 2 weeks on a Saturday, and themes will be given to certain updates!
    ~ Release Dates
  4. Mod will not be down-grading but will be upgrading versions.
  5. Yes, I have used or based my code from Mr. Crayfish. Please do not say I have stolen from his mod - even if it is a piece of code or models. Keep in mind he has an open GitHub source for people to look at, and all mods will be similar in one way or another.
  6. This mod is made on Windows. If you have errors on other versions like Linux and Mac, I will not be able to help.


All credit goes to me and original owners for models and code.



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