Baubles Enhancements

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This mod adds items that can be equipped in baubles' inventory. 

This mod is still under in development so more items will be added in the future.

This mod requires Baubles.



Empty Regeneration Canister - Used as a crafting ingredient for the regeneration canisters.

Heart of Regeneration (Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue) - This item's main use is for crafting ingredient. It is also consumable (not recommended) and the amplification and duration depends on the color that is eaten. The order of the strength and duration is in ascending order: orange < yellow < green < blue.

Regeneration Canisters (Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue) - This item can be equipped in the baubles inventory. While equipped, this enhances the player's healing capability. What this means is that whenever a player is healed, the regeneration canisters amplifies it. This item is stackable whether the player equips it or not. The more the stack count, the stronger the amplification. The amplification values does not depend on the color of the canister unlike the heart of regeneration.

Heart of Regeneration Pendant - Despite its name, it is used to sort all different colored regeneration canisters and not heart of regeneration in a single pendant, saving space in a player's baubles inventory. It still yields the same regeneration amplification of the individual canister. Don't forget to wear it after placing the regeneration canisters.



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