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Just in case you need baskets in your Minecraft world.

BasketCase banner

BasketCase is a small mod that adds wicker baskets as a new form of storage. Baskets can be used decoratively, but they are also a handy form of portable storage. Baskets can be carried around in your hot bar, and their inventory can be accessed from your hot bar with a simple right click. This convenience comes with a few minor tradeoffs: they take a few extra steps to make, and they don't hold as much as a chest.

Large basket inventory

Baskets come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Baskets are made from wicker, which can be made from vanilla items like vines or sugar cane (aka reeds), or new items—cordage from tall grass, and bark strips from logs. Along with bark strips, there are also stripped logs (when BasketCase is updated to 1.13, it will use vanilla stripped logs).

BasketCase is highly configurable. Almost all of its features can be disabled or tweaked.

For more details, please see the wiki.


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