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Bartech is a mod focused on using machines to process resources into OP tools and weapons, as well as a variety of utility items. It adheres to realism in some ways (although i wouldn't call it "realistic" per say), and uses methods of manufacture based on real life practices.




This mod is compatible with my other mod, YMC Armory (the recipes from this mod overwrite those from the other when there's crossover)-*note: there is a bug when both these mods are used, where the invisibility suit gets named "Desert Camo" from YMC Armory, however it works exactly like the normal invisibility suit and does not overwrite the YMC Armory Desert Camo.


All the machines are used by right clicking on the machine with the item being processed in your hand-i will refer to this as "using" the machine.


For Crafting Recipes: JEI is HIGHLY recommended (for any modded experience really)-however JEI does not show machine processing and extra items that come from certain recipes. Listed below are these instances


*Known Bug-Fruit Juice and Ethylene both have the name "Capsule" in the GUI. I suggest pressing "f3+h" to see the item ids which have the correct name, However they can also be identified by their unique textures. I have attempted to fix this, however have had no luck as of yet


Ammonia Recipe: (Flint & Steel + Coal)-you get the flint and steel back, and also gain Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide


Aluminum Ingot Recipe: Use the Electrolyzer with Crushed Aluminum Ore to get the Aluminum Ingot


Uranium Ore Dust: Use the Grinder on Crushed Uranium Ore


Uranium 238 Dust and Tiny Pile of Uranium 235 Dust: Use Uranium Hexafluoride on the Centrifuge


Iron Dust: Use Iron Ingot on Grinder


Iron Ore Dust: Use Crushed Iron Ore on Grinder


Steel: Use Crude Steel Blend or Steel Blend on Blast Furnace


High-Carbon Steel: Use High-Carbon Steel Blend or Steel Blend on Blast Furnace


Coal Coke: Use Coal on a Coke Oven


Silicon Carbide: Use Silicon Carbide Blend on a Silicon Crucible


Monocrystalline Silicon: Use Silicon on a Silicon Crucible


Ethylene, Vinegar and Ethanol: Use Fruit Juice on a Centrifuge


Ethylene (alt): Use Petroleum on a Distillery


Synthetic Quartz: Use Quartz Solution on a Silicon Crucible


Polypropylene: You regain the Titanium Ingot after crafting


Propylene, Benzene, Butane, Kerosene, Gasoline: Use Petroleum on a Distillery


Styrene: You regain the Potash and Iron Ore after crafting


Hydrogen and Oxygen: Use a Water Bottle on an Electrolyzer


Liquid Oxygen: You regain the cryocooler after crafting


Formaldehyde: You regain the Silver Ingot after crafting


Invisibility Sheet: Use a Gold Ingot on an Advanced Manufacturing Unit


Aggregated Diamond Nanorods: Use a Diamond on an Advanced Manufacturing Unit


Aluminum Oxynitride: Use an Aluminum Ingot on an Advanced Manufacturing Unit


Aerogel: Use a Slimeball on an Advanced Manufacturing Unit


AAAAAND now to the fun stuff


The Ores:

The first thing you'll notice when you spawn in the world is obviously: the ores. This mod contains a variety of minerals that do not exist in vanilla minecraft. These include (in no particular order):







Rock Salt










These all spawn at various levels in various rarities, however digging at level 11 should yield you every ore with the exception of Bitumen, which only spawns near sea level.


The Machines:


Grinder: This is the most basic machine in the mod and is necessary to advance into making steel. It grinds down various materials into powder to be used in other recipes.


Blast Furnace: This high-temperature furnace is how steel is made. You can either use crude steel blend to get steel without making a coke oven, however you must use iron ore and charcoal for this process, which is less convenient than using normal steel, which is made from iron ingots and coal coke.


Coke Oven: This furnace creates Coal Coke to be used in steel and graphite ingots


Electrolyzer: The electrolyzer is the only way of refining Aluminum into ingots. It is also used to make Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water


Distillery: The distillery is used solely for the refining of Petroleum. This is needed to get many items required for making plastics


Diamond Saw: This machine is used to cut items into slices-most notably HOP Graphite into Graphene


Centrifuge: The centrifuge is used to refine Uranium Hexafluoride into Uranium Dust, and Fruit Juice into various chemicals used mainly for making plastics


Silicon Crucible: The crucible is an essential machine. It is used to make silicon, synthetic quartz and the silicon carbide for magsilium. It is the main gateway into the late-game of this mod.


Miner: This is exactly what it says on the tin-It mines things. Using the GUI you can direct the Miner to dig or stop digging (stopping the digging process will reset the current level to the height of the miner). The miner will begin digging immediately below it and move down one block at a time, spitting the items out the top. You can set them maximum depth using the arrows in the top of the GUI (the number represents the lowest level that it will dig down to). If one miner in the world is activated, every miner in that same world will be activated, allowing for massive mining projects in short times (and they can be pushed with pistons). *note the miner can be a little glitchy and may miss blocks-reactivating the miners in the same column will catch some of the blocks it originally missed.


Advanced Manufacturing Unit (AMU): The AMU is for crating advanced materials-e.g. Aluminum Oxynitride, Aerogel, Aggregated Diamond Nanorods and Invisibility Sheets. It is essential for late-game crafting


The Tools:

Bartech contains a few special tools which are all upgrades to standard vanilla tools.


Drills, Augers, Chainsaws: These tools are effectively a pickaxe, shovel, and axe respectively. They come in three tiers: Steel, Diamond, Titanium. The only difference between the tiers is the durability and mining speed, which increase with each upgrade. *note: the steel tier uses both steel and high carbon steel in its recipe (which have the same texture)


Butane Torch: This torch is effectively a safety flint and steel-it makes fire that will not update-e.g. it does not hurt you or catch you on fire, it does not spread and does not go out. The only way to remove it is to either place a block on it or right click it with an open hand.


Photocutter: This is the endgame tool. It can dig anything very quickly and does not care if its stone, wood, dirt, etc.


The Weapons:

Bartech contains a few special weapons which are all upgrades to standard vanilla weapons as well.


Electroblade: This is the mid-tier melee weapon. It does 12 damage


Graphene Armor: This is a slight upgrade to normal diamond armor


Invisibility Suit: Same protection as gold armor, but makes you completely invisible (as long as you don't hold anything in your hand)


Electro Suit: Slight upgrade in protection to graphene. The helmet gives you water breathing as long as you wear it.


Power Plate: The highest tier armor. Makes you nearly invulnerable to damage. The helmet gives water breathing, The Chestplate gives fire resistance, the legs give regeneration III, and the boots give resistance III and jump boost IV.


Phaser and Bowcaster: These two weapons are equivalent in terms of function and take the same materials to make, the difference is simply a texture preference. These are extremely powerful ranged weapons that will one-shot any normal mob. They use hydrogen as ammo and shoot with right click-the projectiles move in an almost straight line and extremely quickly.


PHAS-Photonic molecule High energy Arming Sword: This is the endgame of endgame melee weapons. It is extremely expensive, but clocks in at a whopping 29 attack damage per hit.


Magnesium Explosives: This bomb explodes instantly and has a bit more power than TNT. It will activate by a redstone signal or an explosion


C4: This is an explosive that exceeds magnesium by a small amount, but can ONLY be activated by redstone (not even other explosions)


The Nukes: all three nuclear bombs (Uranium, Hydrogen, and Tsar Bomba) act exactly like C4, except with MUCH larger explosions, the size of which increases with the tier of bomb in the order listed above. *note these may take a little while to explode because of latency




And that's most of this mod- i have not mentioned everything here however, such as plastics (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinylchloride, and Polyester) and the fact that you can use them for alternate crafting of certain vanilla items, or just for decoration blocks. There are also a variety of metallic decorations, as well as Fluorescent light that act mostly like glowstone.


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