Bank Mod

432 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 27, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Bank Mod Is a mod by QuackedMods, If you require in-depth support you can join Our Discord Server


Bank Mod is a mod that lets you turn gold nuggets into iron or diamonds by using a 'bank phone' or a 'bank phone plus' respectivly

This adds another use for gold and gold nuggets, as armor and tools aren't that usefull and only golden food is a bit bland


To make a bank phone you use a redstone block and surround it with iron, making this a sort of investment as you put iron into the recepie and then you use gold to get iron from the bank phone

To upgrade your bank phone you put gold blocks at the corners, your bank phone in the middle and diamond blocks in the other locations

The fact that you need diamond blocks to make this also makes this a sort of investment


For some people and servers this would be to over powered, but it can work greatly for some people or in some servers, where gold nuggets are currency and such


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