Bamboo 2: Modded Boogaloo

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Bamboo 2: Modded Boogaloo


General information
I initially created this mod when I found out that you can not compost Bamboo in 1.14.

Then I thought "Isn't Bamboo edible?", so I looked it up and confirmed that there are *some* edible species of bamboo.

So I thought long and hard about a good name, didn't find one, ultimately settled on this one and started developing.


The 1.14.4 version requires Forge Version 1.14.4-28.1.0

The 1.15.1 version requires Forge Version 1.15.1-30.0.16


This small mod changes/adds the following:
* Bamboo can now be composted
* Composting amount can be configured / composting can be disabled
* Bamboo can be eaten raw, which will apply a slow effect by default. This can be configured/disabled.
* Bamboo can be cooked in a furnace. This can be configured/ disabled.

You may use this mod in modpacks if you credit me as the author.


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