Balkon's WeaponMod

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Throw a spear in a zombie's head!
Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd!
Shoot some slimes in pieces with an old musket!
And more!


Balkon's Weapon Mod is a Minecraft mod by BalkondeurAlpha that adds a variety of weapons to the game.
- From ancient spears to medieval halberds and 18th century muskets, from melee warhammers to long ranged crossbows.
- A fully functional, mountable cannon, able to fire in all directions.
- A training dummy to practice your sword arm on.
- Support for other languages and included configuration file.
- Minecraft Forge mod, both single and multiplayer.


Universal installation

  1. Requires Minecraft Forge, so install that first.
  2. Move the downloaded weaponmod-v*.jar to the %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/ folder.
  3. Start the game once to initialize the weaponmod.cfg file in the .minecraft/config/ folder.
  4. Enjoy!