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Filename Autumnity-1.16.1-1.4.0.jar
Uploaded by martianarchitecture
Uploaded Aug 9, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 537.04 KB
Downloads 69,332
MD5 3627912045994a7e7d8b1677e2b4c616
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- Ported to 1.16.1

- Now requires Abnormals Core 2.0.1 or higher


- Life stasis has been replaced with a new effect: foul taste
- When the foul taste effect is active eating food will replenish 50% more food points than normally
- Two new advancements:
- "A Fungivore Diet" - Feed a snail every type of mushroom and fungus
- "Finally, Some Good Food" - Eat something good after eating foul berries


- Snail foods, breeding items, temptation items, and blocks that make snail slime blocks slippery are now handled by tags, making it easier for other mods to add Autumnity support
- Snails can now eat Nether fungi
- Snails will now get speed III for a short time from eating Nether fungi
- Snails will now get glowing I for a short time from eating glowhsrooms
- Snails now spawn more frequently
- Snail shell chestplates now have custom tooltips
- Snail slime can now be used to craft leads and sticky pistons
- Snail slime can now be placed on walls and ceilings
- Changed snail slime sounds
- Foul berry bushes now inflict poison when touched. Foul berry poisoning can be avoided by sneaking
- Harvesting a foul berry bush will now always yield 2 foul berries
- Foul berries now fill only 1 hunger point instead of 2
- Removed foul berry pies
- Removed foul berry leaves
- Removed the anti-healing potion
- Edited some textures


- Fixed hoes not being able to break maple leaves quickly
- Fixed snails with no AI retreating into their shells when hurt

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