This small mod adds a key for AutoWalk ("F" is the default but can be changed in the controls GUI)

To stop walking, press the walk key or AutoWalk key again.

Also adds key for auto-pick ("B" is the default key).


The config file "AutoWalk.cfg" also has a few toggle-able options too

  • Can configure the AutoWalk key to sprint or just walk
  • Option to AutoWalk even after player opens gui (varies on GUI and assumes game isn't paused)


  • Install forge for minecraft if not already present (http://files.minecraftforge.net)
  • Copy the file (autowalk-1.8-1.0.jar) to your mods folder (created by forge in your minecraft folder)
  • Optionally edit the AutoWalk.cfg in the forge created config directory if you want to change anything.


You are allowed to:

  • include the plugin in public modpacks
    • without asking me for permission
    • you have to credit me (and provide a link to this page)

You are not allowed to:

  • "republish" the plugin
  • pretend that this plugin is your own work