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Filename Autofish-0.8.1-rift-mc1.13.2.jar
Uploaded by _ForgeUser100009436
Uploaded Apr 15, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
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MD5 b308140fff1b390b3777c58264be8d33
Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions


• Updated to Minecraft 1.13.2
• Switched to Rift Mod Loader (At least until LiteLoader updates. At that point we will see how the compatibility stacks up in the modding scene and go from there.)
• Added informational tooltips to the config GUI. Hover over the options to see them!
• Added a text box in the menu to change the chat pattern for lag clearing plugins, as well as a tooltip to help avoid confusion.
• Removed the legacy option to double cast on clearlag detection. In newer versions this is never needed (as far as I've seen?) and the option confused people.