Auto-Ender Chests

4,699 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 30, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

Hi all!

Mod Content

This mod adds one block: The Auto-Ender chest.

It is a block that makes your enderchest inventory accessable by hoppers. Visually it resembles a chest with a red lock instead of the golden one.



When you place the chest, it will be bound to you. Right clicking will open your ender inventory like a normal ender chest. However, others may also open it and they will also see your enderchest instead of theirs. And you can use hoppers to put/pull items into and out of your enderchest inventory.


This mod was inspired by panicnot42's mod for 1.7.2, but it wasn't updated since. But this one is! :D

Hope you like it!


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