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Auto Look

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Auto Look

This is a mod for Targeting and Auto-Aiming.

Demo_1 Demo_2


This mod do not needs to be installed in server side.

How to Play

  • Press Z to target Entities
  • Press Shift + Z to add aim to Entities
  • Press M to enable Auto-Lock-on
  • Press Shift + M to switch target selection mode

When you target something

  • Press Z to cancel targeting
  • Press Shift + Z to remove aim from all targets
  • Shake a Mouse to change the aimed target

Target Selection

  • Only Items
  • Only Monsters
  • Only Animals
  • Only Players
  • All Livings
  • All Entities
  • You can play this like the one of such as TLoZ by setting configs!!

  • Use_Simple_Aim_Texture = true

  • Hold_Key_To_Render_Aim = true

  • Hold_Key_To_LockOn = true

I hope you enjoy it!