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BETA versions of Authmod are no longer supported. Please use the latest release!

AuthMod is a server side Minecraft mod allowing you to accept either premium and demo minecraft accounts safely. What is important to remind with this mod is the mojang authentication cannot be used. So if you rely on this, this mod is maybe not a good solution for you. Authmod proposes a set of interesting features:

  • Enable or disable the registration on the server.
  • Enable or disable the authentication on the server.
  • Register a list of allowed users.
  • Ban a registered player.
  • Registration/authentication can require an identifier (email for instance).
  • Exclude a player if he's not logged after a certain delay.

All the data related to the registration, the authentication... are stored in either a SQL database or a file.

Authmod adds a set of commands on the minecraft server, which can only be used by players:

  • Allow the user to authenticate on the server

/login password or login password

  • Allow the user to register on the server

/register password password or /register password password

  • Tell to the user whether authenticated


  • Change password

/changepassword old_password new_password new_password



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