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Filename Attained Drops-1.12-3.5.1.jar
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Uploaded Jul 11, 2017
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This is another fairly large update, but it is not inclusive of what I had mentioned in the 3.4.0 changelog. Either way, its important.


The creative selector for Bulbs and Soil is now correct, no more getting only blaze bulbs and unenriched soil from a middle click.
More things now use the lang file. Go crazy, translators.
The chat messages printed when clicking on vitalized soil have been fixed in multiplayer.


Bulbs can now be sheared, gives the same effect as silk touch.
The Soil Enricher now ticks more reliably, and should now feel faster overall as well as being more indicative of what it enriches.
The way Vitalized Soil reverts has been changed, it is now based on the number of bulbs grown. Revert chance can be seen via Hwyla.
Hwyla tooltip added for remaining Soil Enricher charge.
Hwyla now shows current bulb being grown on Vitalized Plants.
Some special thing for myself.


The config for revert chance. It is now handled by the plant, and can no longer be changed.
Bonemeal can no longer be used to grow bulbs, even when enabled. It can only be used to grow the plant.


More gameplay changes to come in 3.6.0

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