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Filename Attained Drops-1.12-3.4.0.jar
Uploaded by Shadows_of_Fire
Uploaded Jul 10, 2017
Game Version 1.12
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This update is rather major, and includes quite a few steps at balancing and making the mod interactive.

Visual Changes:
Life Essence has a new texture!
The Soil Enricher is now more indicative of what blocks it vitalized, and its default range has been change from 3 to 2.
The Soil Enricher's particle type has been changed to that of the end rod.

Balance Changes:
Attained Plants now grow on non-enriched vitalized soil.
Attained Plants grow slower in general.  
Life Essence is now a player-only drop and its default drop rate has been greatly reduced.
Bonemeal is now disallowed by default.
The default soil revert chance is now higher.
Life Essence is now more commonly dropped with looting.

Upcoming Changes for 3.5.0:
Vitalized Plants and the Soil Enricher will be obtained completely differently.  With luck, the mod may have no normal recipes left in it whatsoever.
Life Essence will play a more important role in Vitalization, instead of being used to create the seed.

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