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Filename Atmospheric-1.15.2-1.4.1.jar
Uploaded by bageldotjpg
Uploaded Jun 25, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +2
Size 1,018.42 KB
Downloads 1,695,632
MD5 f08a7b789edb04f19a9d32ca7711f1de
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


- Added a configuration for biome weights
- Added "Arid Shrine", a new structure in the Dunes
- New Advancements:
- "Let them eat... cake?" - Eat the last slice of Yucca Gateau
- "Sliced and Diced" - Get pricked by all natural Dunes damage sources
- "Burn Victim" - Save yourself from burning using Aloe Leaves


- Updated Kousa Leaves texture
- Bees now spawn in the Flourishing Dunes
- Yucca Bundles now damage when fallen
- Yucca Branches now snap when collided with projectiles
- You can no longer bonemeal Aloe Vera when it is fully grown
- Getting Gelled while Gelled will no longer poison you.
- Roasted Yucca Fruit no longer shows particles
- Quark compat now syncs with quark config
- Updated Abnormals Core version
- Fixed potential crashes on startup

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