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A hot, lush set of biomes, with warm and wavy sand, defined by a dusty sky. They are split into two main variants, dunes and rocky dunes, one of which is lusher, and the other covered in huge boulders. The normal dunes variant can occasionally become hilly, or otherwise turn into a flourishing sub biome, where the thorny plants of the dunes are even more abundant, in addition to dirt patches and melons. The rocky dunes can become a petrified dunes, where the signature yucca trees have become literally rock solid and fossils occasionally protrude from the ground.


Arid Sand and Sandstone:
Functionally identical to sand in most ways, and has a red variant, which has relatively little difference and is mixed in. Some of the sandstone textures are largely based on the bigger, chunkier sandstone from 1.14 snapshots, but have been tweaked to have more of their own color and texture.


Is both a tree and a flower, and is very thorny. Native to the dunes, it can also be found more scarcely in deserts, badlands and shattered savannahs. Yucca has a bleak, red wood color and yields fruit from occasional branches, which can be turned into a number of foods that provide the persistence buff, an effect that causes you to run faster with lower hunger, perfect if you're starving in the desert. Yucca leaves, flowers, saplings and branches all deal knockback and prick you on contact and the flowers can be used for light gray dye.


Barrel Cactus:
The smaller cousin of the cactus that lives in the dunes. It has 4 sizes and yields orange dye. It only pricks when you come into contact from a high speed, otherwise it provides weakness. Barrel cacti only grow on normal arid sand, and have to be bonemealed on red arid sand, so you can use them as decorations.


Yet another thorny plant which hails from the dunes that yields its leaves and yellow dye, its blossom flies in the direction of the sand in the dunes. Aloe can be farmed on arid sand for a fertile, slow growing version, or on red arid sand for a seedless, fast version. Aloe leaves can be eaten to increase regen speed, extinguish fire (when initially eaten) and make you partially fire immune, not enough to compare to fire resistance, but useful for a trip to the nether, aloe leaves should not be consumed as regular food however, eating aloe products while you already have the effect of the gel will poison you. You can also turn leaves into gel to prolong the effect, and gel can be turned into the sticky gel block, which you can sink through, it provides gelled, but is also quite toxic.


A purple flower that only lives in the flourishing dunes. It creates slow falling suspicious stew.

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