Assorted Tools

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Assorted Tools


This contains an assortment of new tools.


Documentation can be found at:



Currently adds the following:


  • Shears: Adds shears of each type of material as well as an enchantment to be able to harvest Coral.
  • Better Buckets: Buckets that allow you to store more than one bucket worth of fluid in each one.
  • Hammers: They will instantly break blocks but don't return any drops
  • Magic Wands: 3 Types (Build, Mine, Break), switch them to different modes by clicking the keybind (default: Z). There are also upgraded versions of each
  • Boomerangs: Throw them and they will go forward and them come back to you, use them to pick up items, activate buttons, or damage enemies.
  • Pokeball: Throw it to capture a Mob, throw it again to release
  • Chicken Suit: If you have all 4 pieces of armor on you can get an extra 4 jumps and a nice glide rather than falling straight down. There is also a Chicken Jump enchantment that you can get or place a piece of the chicken suit and another armor type in the Anvil to get it applied immediately.
  • MultiTools: These work as all tools at once. Crafted with the same type of material tools, Sword, Shovel, Pickaxe, Hoe, Axe, and 4 pieces of the same material. Ex. Iron Ingots
  • Spears: Throwable spears in any material that can be enchanted with a Loyalty and Impaling as well as 4 brand new enchantments.
  • Assorted Core Support: Adds tools, armor, hammers, spears, and MultiTools for each material that Assorted Core adds as well as adds in a set of Emerald tools and armor too.


Quick Highlight Including Assorted Tools:


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