Assassin's Creed Blocklegend

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This mod is still under development and will be updated regularly.


Assassin's Creed Blocklegend adds a lot of Assassin's creed into Minecraft, including weapons, equipment, skills and acrobatics.


New items:

Haystack: You will not receive damage when fall on it.(Use for the Leap of Faith)

Hidden Blade: Can use skills "Assassinate"

Hook Blade: Can use skills "Hook Blade"

Hidden Gun: Fire bullets to damage entity 

Phantom Blade: Launch poison darts

The Piece of Eden(The Apple of Eden): Add debuff(Speed(-32767 level), Nausea(32767 level) and Blindness(32767 level) 1min each) to entity nearby after use



Suit For Novice(Hood, Robe, Trousers, Boots): Monsters within the range of 64*16*64 will not target players who wearing this suit.

Suit For Apprentice(Hood, Robe, Trousers, Boots): Monsters within the range of 128*32*128 will not target players who wearing this suit.


Acrobatics and Skills:

Eagle Vision: Let the entities near the player get 10s glowing effect.

Assassinate: Kill the entity which is targeting by crosshair.

"Hook Blade": Use the Hook Blade to exchange position with the entity which is targeting by crosshair.


API for this mod:

You can download the API of this mod we provide to you on this website(Chinese) :


More of the Assassin's Creed are coming soon...



(Beta version for Minecraft 1.16.5 updated!)



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