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I got bored with all the issues with Gravisuite and Advanced Solars having broken recipes, and although there are many ways to fix them, there are other underlying issues in Gravisuite like most of the items having broken localisation, it hacking it's way to get key bindings instead of using the rather convenient IC2 API functions and the missing texture issue of block_side.png.png. It was good enough as time as any to use ASM, so I made a "simple" one class mod to fix them.

All the recipes using components that should expect damage value 1 now do, as well as fixing all the localisations to be correct, such as item.itemCoolingCore.name (at least as correct as the lang file goes). In case that wasn't enough, there should be no issues getting the IC2 mode switch, alt and boost keys, especially if changed after a world has been loaded. The Sonic Launcher's name is also hardcoded for en_US to fix that too, you can translate it into your own language and add it to the lang file as item.sonicLauncher.name, although it seems a little WIP so you're not missing out if you don't. The relocator block has the double .name fix applied as well (or should do at least), and the texture fix for it.



There is two versions of the Patcher, one with hover fix and the other without. The one with the fix causes the Advanced Jetpack and Advanced NanoSuit to no longer fall when in hover mode (like IC2's native Jetpack), whilst the one without does not cause this (natural GraviSuite). This is the only difference between the two.

Any bugs or crashes that involve Advanced Solars or Gravisuite should be reported here if you've got the mod installed, as anything wrong with the ASM will still have a stacktrace from those mods. There is also the chance that there are other bugs anyway, and I can always (try) fix them if I can replicate them ;)

For those wanting to use it in Modpacks:
If it's a private pack, have fun, optionally tell your fellow pack users how in awe you are of the patcher. If you're not though, that's fine.
If it's a public pack, saying you're using it in the thread is nice so I can get an idea of where it's being used, but you don't have to explicitly ask my permission to use it. And you too can optionally tell your pack users how in awe you are if you want to.