Ascension Megamons (Cobblemon)


Unleash Mega Evolution!

Mega Evolution has FINALLY come to Cobblemon! Using this side mod, players can now obtain Mega Stones and Mega Evolve their Pokemon!


  • Mega Stones: Mega stones for Generation 1 pokemon obtainable in survival (Mega Mewtwo available in Creative for now)
  • Mega Bracelet: Used for Mega Evolution, the bracelet appears on the player model's wrist.
  • Geode Generation: Unique geodes spawning throughout the world. Each may contain new building blocks, an abundance of evolutionary stones, and Mega Stone ore!
  • Quality Assurance: Every Pokemon included in this mod was modelled, textured, and animated in the Cobblemon artstyle, with attention regarding Pokemon lore and Minecraft gameplay!
  • Future Updates: Major updates to this mod will include more megas, special structures and other surprises!
  • Platform Agnostic: Fabric and Forge versions available so no matter what platform you choose you can enjoy Mega Evolution!

  • Gen 1 Mega Evolutions: Done
  • Gen 2+ Mega Evolutions: In Progress

  • Client and Server: Download the mod for your version and drop it in the mods folder. It needs to be installed in at least the Client and the Server if you have one.

  • Please join our Discord server to chat about our mods with our community, and for future updates!