Art's Effects Spell Pack

5,543 Downloads Last Updated: May 13, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10  

(This is an addon to Electroblob's Wizardry, based on affecting the environment and potion effects)

The first Spell Pack for Electroblob's Wizardry, featuring an incredible 4 spells!

  • Instant Teleport
  • Set Time Day
  • Set Time Night
  • Invisibility Orb

To install just place it in your mods directory, be sure to have the parent mod installed as well!


In order to obtain these spells, search for Wizard Towers around the world. Either trade with a wizard for his spells, or kill him to obtain his items that may spawn in an angry wizard's wizard tower. To use these spells, get an Arcane Workbench either from a wizard tower or crafting it. Once you do so, fill up your wand with magic crystals in the Arcane Workbench, and insert the spells! The Instant Teleport spell can teleport you, as soon as you right click your wand with the spell selected, to whatever you are looking at. The Set Time Day and Set Time Night spells are self explanatory, as they change the time to either day, or night. Invisibility Orb works like a snowball, except once it hits something, it turns them invisible! It can be you, a sheep, or a zombie, but it will still make it invisible.  If this wasn't descriptive enough, then craft a guide ingame, with 1 crystal touching a book in the center.







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