Better Battles (Very Strong Artefacts, VSA)

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Artefacts Mod:


Nadakan's Sword

This sword is capable of absorbing the souls of slain enemies. The damage from this will begin to increase when you gain more than 5 souls in it.

( The power of this sword matches the power of the maximum enchanted diamond sword, and even more )

Arrow Resistant Vest

Protects against any attacks if their damage does not exceed the maximum value on the indicator. The value on the indicator will change with the next attack on you.


This artifact has the ability to detect players around you.
[ Use only one Talisman, otherwise unpredictable errors are possible ]

Divine Hand

They say this hand cannot do any harm to the enemy ...

Impact Dial

(Literally translated as "Impact Projectile") can be hit by anything blunt or unable to cut and will absorb kinetic energy. When pressed on the top of the dial, the stored energy is released, which usually causes internal damage to the living body, leaving no visible external damage.
Impact Dial can also absorb the impact of explosions.


Swaps you with whoever you look at.

Red Card

Deals damage to the one on whom your gaze fell. Damage increases with range.

Iron Blood Transformation

Activated by extreme mental concentration, that optimises and redefines the user's entire body systems. A drawback to using the Iron Blood Transformation is that the technique requires a huge amount of energy. Another drawback is that it makes you more susceptible to poison, as the technique improves you respiratory system which would increase the flow of any poison inside you. Emitting a red aura during the transformation.


Very unhealthy food.

Magic Mirror

Item from the popular game "Terraria". I think you yourself know what he does)

Basil Hawkin's Voodoo

Redirects any damage to your ally (to bind an ally, he must right-click on the doll). After the death of the ally (s), the doll burns out.

Razor Edge

Razor Edge is a magically sharpened sword with the ability to slice through armor like paper.

Simple Ring

The beam emanating from the ring when activated will point you to your home.

Crystal Of World:

Allows you to quickly move between measurements.

Sanctuary Sword

Equal in strength to a regular sword (diamond sword). However, he knows how to "predict" the enemy's attacks. It cancels every hit while holding it in your main hand. Has 10 uses in total.

( be careful if you use it as a weapon )


To activate - press RMB on an item with a certain amount of redstone in your inventory. With one point of damage, one point of redstone is spent inside the item.

Elia Cube (Cude):

When activated (by pressing RMB), a "time barrier" will be created around you and the arrows will not reach you.



This mod is similar to the OpenBlocks mod. We add all the things we want in the form of Artifacts that have a rarity.


Getting things:

Some things in this mod cannot be crafted. In this case, you can knock them out of any type of monsters (there is also support for all monsters from other mods). The chance that you will drop one of the items is 2.5% with Looting level III


Source Code

Sorry, I can't post the source code yet. After a few updates to the mod and soon, I think I'll post it.


In the plans:

Adding the generation of items in dungeons and their rarity.

New Items:

Sectarians Item,

Brain Unglaus Sword

Explosive Fist Change Render
Stove block with ore multiplication function. Crafting from items WITHOUT crafting


Special thanks

Special thanks to @WildTan for helping us code the "Elia Cube" element. @hohserg for helping out with the rendering of the "Ring" item and also for helping immensely with the effects on the "Iron Blood Transformation" item

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