Armourer's Workshop

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Filename Armourers-Workshop-1.12.2-0.49.1.jar
Uploaded by RiskyKen
Uploaded Jul 15, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 2.26 MB
Downloads 53,191
MD5 f9ae7b411caaec416dda0a696c8ba7b7
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • Added
    • Added armourers clearSkin command. (usage /armourers clearSkin )
    • Added warning message if Mo' bends is intalled.
  • Changed
    • Updated de_DE lang file. (Victorious3)
    • Updated zh_CH lang file. (Chataro)
    • Change how global library premission flags are set to allow moderators.
    • Allowed turning of expire time on caches.
    • Fixed some old outfits not loading wing data correctly.
  • Fixed
    • Fixed armour container items having the wrong unlocalized name.
    • Fixed undo not working with paint roller in full block mode.
    • Fixed paint roller area logic.
    • Fixed wrong unlocalized names in the rehosted jar checker.
    • Fixed global library sometime leaving the rendering in the wrong state.
    • Make sure cull face is on when rendering skins.
    • Fixed client key presses not being run on the main thread.
    • Fixed crash if the wardrobe key was bound to an none ASCII key.
    • Fixed wardrobe getting de-synced on dimension change.
    • Fixed wardrobeTabDyes config option not being synced to clients.
    • Fixed missing texture in global library upload screen.
    • Fixed crash when Chameleon Creepers is installed.
    • Maybe fixed a crash when syncing entity skin capabilities.
  • Refactor
    • Move block skin placement code into a helper class.