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Filename armorplus-1.16.5-16.3.1.jar
Uploaded by sokratis12GR
Uploaded Feb 16, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +4
Size 1.93 MB
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MD5 4fb28f3262d092df83e7380a7ad648ed
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Java 8
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ArmorPlus 1.16.5-16.3.1 (BETA)

QUICK-FIX: Fixed a crash when booting and mekanism is not present. Fixes #248

  • Fixed super star bow pulling animation not being correct.

ArmorPlus 1.16.5-16.3.0 (BETA)

  • Added support for 1.16.5
  • Added Patchouli integration/support, 1st edition will not contain everything, will be updated alongside the mod updates.
  • Added ToolTips to the armors, weapons, tools that display their conditions and their effects (and weaknesses)
  • Added some commands "/armorplus <help, info, nodecraft, discord>"
  • Added a new treasure enchantment "Unknown", in the future will provide a special effect based on the item it is applied to.
  • Added Demonic Dragon (WIP) boss entity, a very wip model + texture + animation (No functionality atm)
  • Added a new item "Wooden Rod", crafted via a shapeless recipe of 4 sticks together.
    • It replaces the current sticks in mace recipes
  • Added recipes for the slime and chicken armors.
  • Added ElementalMastery Capability
  • Added new "buffs": Fire Weakness, Natural Immunity (Provides Protection & Fire Resistance)
  • Added a few advancements to keep track of your A+ progress.
  • Added a special celebration item & advancement
  • Made various currently available items (obsidian+ tier items) to be immune to lava
  • Replaced the obsidian in the obsidian armor recipe with compressed obsidian (as it should have been).
  • Replaced sticks in infuse lava tier + maces with obsidian sticks
  • Adjusted some armor protection, toughness and knockback resistance values of several armors
  • Fixed Flight equipment check conflicting with other mods (hopefully). Fixes #245
  • Fixed Water Weakness not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed repair materials not working for all items.
  • Fixed some recipe miss-matches with Colored Stone Bricks.
  • Fixed some items having incorrect colored names.
  • Fixed armor items having incorrect durability values.
  • Fixed GeckoLib animations not working in the newer versions of GeckoLib due to change in the controller usage.
  • Fixed silent major issues caused with the model registering, fixed properly this time.

Technical: * Added Elements (affinities) for future expansions, Added Frost Armor, Frost-Lava armor (obviously dev only). * Added ElementalMastery(Element primary, Element secondary) capability for future use. * Organized the language file (en_us.json), everything now should be inside a category/sub-category depending on what use it has.

ArmorPlus 1.16.3-16.2.2 (BETA)

  • Fixed world crash on startup when using other mods that check the entity registry. Fixes #243 (1/2)
  • Fixed animation of the entities not existing and causing crashes. Fixes #243 (2/2)

ArmorPlus 1.16.3-16.2.1 (BETA)

  • Ensures ArmorPlus requires GeckoLib 3 to be present to prevent weird errors.

ArmorPlus 1.16.3-16.2.0 (BETA)

  • GeckoLib 3 is now a required dependency
    • What does this mean? Well now, modeling and animation will be much easier. Entities, armors, weapons and even some items will get new models/animations.
  • The obsidian & stone variants of lava crystal and frost crystal ores should now drop the correct crystal. Fixes # 240 (1/2)
  • Lava Crystals should now infuse when interacting with lava. Fixes #240 (2/2)
  • ConfiguredFeatures should no longer cause issues with world generation! Fixes #241
  • Lava Crystals (Compressed/Original variant) now drop 1-2 crystals per ore, fortune affects it.
  • Wither Skeleton Boss now uses Geckolib's animation system and is now animated, still not fully functional, no boss stages, fights, location yet.
  • Added WIP Maces
    • Maces have a "weight" factor
      • LIGHT: faster attack speed, weaker damage.
      • NORMAL: normal attack speed, average damage.
      • HEAVY: very slow attack speed, massive damage.
    • Attack types
      • Sweeping: Charges up power for a swinging blow.
      • Shockwave: Depending on the material, the maces can destroy blocks in line of sight, for the cost of a heavy chunk of durability with a cooldown added on top.
    • The current recipe (is subject to change in the future), where S - Stick, M - Material

Mace Recipe

  • Added the first config entries.
    • Ore Lava/Frost Crystal world generation is now toggleable. You can enable/disable it. (Of course with this being the first config, options will definitely change over time)
    • Ore Lava/Frost Crystal world generation is now configurable, the vein size of each variant, the original Y offset and range they can spawn in.
  • Added a new Recipe API for easier creation of crafting shaped/shapeless and/or smithing recipes.
    • Rewrote how all the recipes are being added/changed/generated so expect some recipes to be missing/changed.
    • Recipes will be changing periodically until they reach a final "satisfying" state.
    • I'll include all the changes in a guide/recipe book or something in game in a later version
  • Changed the (Guardian, Super Star and Ender Dragon) swords, battle axes, pickaxes and bows to have a base item as a result of their recipe after which you need to add souls to them in the smithing table.
  • Added new items:
    • Guardian, Super Star, Ender Dragon bases for the following tools/weapons: swords, battle axes, pickaxes and bows.
    • Obsidian Stick, crafted by using 2 obsidian blocks (shapeless recipe). Used for the new recipes of high tier items.
  • Fixed bows not having a pulling animation with new textures! Fixes #242
  • Added some flavour text to some items to hopefully help indicate how to use them.

ArmorPlus 1.16.3-16.1.1 (BETA)

QUICK-FIX: Fixed Version mismatching, recipe mismatching.

ArmorPlus 1.16.3-16.1.0 (BETA)

Keep In Mind that this is still beta, so some stuff might not have textures, others might crash etc. PLEASE REPORT ANY ISSUES AT THE GITHUB ISSUES TRACKER: ARMORPLUS GITHUB ISSUE TRACKER

  • Added support for 1.16.4, Requires TheDragonLib-1.16.3-1.1.0 or later
  • Added 2 new ore variations for the Lava & Frost ores (Stone & Obsidian)
    • Lava/Frost Crystals can be found in the world, from Y: 0 up to Y: 20, their rarity varies to their variation.
    • Lava Crystals cannot be found in frozen, icy, snowy or ocean biomes.
    • Frost Crystals can only be found in frozen, icy, snow, taiga or extreme hills biomes.
    • Updated their textures to more closely match the lava/frost crystals.
    • All 3 variants can be found in the Overworld.
    • Stone variants Y:12 up to Y:20
    • Obsidian variants Y:6 up to Y:10
    • Compressed Obsidian variants Y:0 up to Y:4
  • Added back enhanced vanilla armors.
    • Enhanced is no longer an enchantment.
    • Added Enhanced Materials (Enhanced: Chainmail/Iron/Gold/Diamond)
    • Enhanced Materials are can be used to craft the enhanced armors (mirroring the vanilla recipes)
    • Enhanced Netherite armor can be obtained by combining netherite armor in the smithing table with an Enhanced: Netherite Ingot
  • Removed a lot of redundant localization.
  • Added new items (Super Star, Guardian, Ender Dragon, Slayer) bases, they need to be combined with the soul of their respective mobs in order to give you the complete item
    • You combine the base + the corresponding soul in a smithing table to get the expected complete armor piece
    • Recipes: [Material Piece Base] + [Boss Soul &lt;Mob&gt;] = Material Piece
  • Changed the Super Star, Guardian, Ender Dragon crafting table recipe outcomes to give a base item instead of the full item.
  • Added Boss Souls (Elder Guardian, Wither Boss, Ender Dragon)
    • Added servant/minion souls (Guardian, Wither Skeleton, Enderman, Blaze)
    • Added "pity" recipe for boss souls which require 4x lesser souls + 1 corresponding material + 4x corresponding blocks
    • (once a soul has been obtained the recipes will be unlocked and can be viewed on the recipe book)
  • Added recipes for the arrows (8x arrows + 1 of the materials = 8 material arrows)
  • Added a new ability WATER_WEAKNESS and assigned it to the infused lava armor, while you have the full set equipped and go into water, the armor will gradually lose durability
  • From now on the &lt;build&gt; part (the last part) of the mod's version, will only increase if there were any internal issues with the file and will reset on every &lt;mcversion&gt;-&lt;major&gt;.&lt;minor&gt;.&lt;patch&gt; update
  • Added a way to infuse a lava crystal into an infused lava crystal by throwing them in lava.
  • Removed the particles from the effects that the armors provide
  • Added bows back (their durability has changed), now its (1/2) of the material durability
    • Coal: 30 | Lapis: 125 | Redstone: 125 | Emerald: 780 | Infused Lava: 1500 | Obsidian: 2100
    • Skeletal King's: 3000 | Elder's Force: 3000 | Rifting Light: 3000
  • Fixed ArmorPlus arrow entities causing crashes.
  • Fixed Skeletal King, Witherlings causing crashes
    • Removed Wither Minions (WIP, Projectiles)

ArmorPlus 1.16.3- (BETA)

  • Fixed servers crashing on startup.
  • Fixed emerald weapon/armor temporary recipes.
  • Fixed some more recipes being broken.

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