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ArmorPlus is a mod based on exploration, killing, building, getting geared up, fight the bosses and explore the depths of your worlds 


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More Information such as what items, blocks and armors are in the mod, their effects and properties as well as the changelogs and many other things can be found in the Official Wiki:



1.12.2 versions and above require TheDragonLib

1.11.2 versions require both Forgelin and TheDragonLib


Mod Integrations

ArmorPlus has added integration with:

-  JEI (Just Enough Items) - Workbench, High-Tech Bench, Ulti-Tech Bench & The Champion Bench

TOP (The One Probe) - Support for all of the ArmorPlus helmets

Tesla - The tesla tools & steel armor (Not 1.12.2+)

- RF (Embemed) - The RF tools & Steel armor (Not 1.11.2+)

Tinkers' Construct - Some materials and modifiers like Lava Crystal (Material)

- ProjectE (EMC) - A configurable option to make almost everything in the mod to contain EMC value (enable it via armorplus/integrations.cfg)

- CraftTweaker - all of the benches and the lava infuser have CT support


How to use the CraftTweaker Integration

First Way: Click Here for a detailed explanation

Second Way: 


mods.armorplus.Workbench.addShaped(<Recipe output>, <3x3 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.Workbench.addShapeless(<Recipe output>, <3x3 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.Workbench.remove(<Recipe output>)

High-Tech Bench
mods.armorplus.HighTechBench.addShaped(<Recipe output>, <5x5 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.HighTechBench.addShapeless(<Recipe output>, <5x5 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.HighTechBench.remove(<Recipe output>)

Ulti-Tech Bench
mods.armorplus.UltiTechBench.addShaped(<Recipe output>, <7x7 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.UltiTechBench.addShapeless(<Recipe output>, <7x7 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.UltiTechBench.remove(<Recipe output>)

Champion Bench
mods.armorplus.ChampionBench.addShaped(<Recipe output>, <9x9 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.ChampionBench.addShapeless(<Recipe output>, <9c9 crafting grid>)

mods.armorplus.ChampionBench.remove(<Recipe output>)

Let us know if there are any other mods we could add integration with. 








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Q: I found a Bug/Glitch/Error What i need to do ?

A: Report it at the issue tracker here:


Q: I want to donate to support your development, how can I do so ?

A: You can support us by donating via this page (


Q: Can i repost this mod in other websites ?

A: No, You aren't allowed to repost any versions of this mod to other websites.


Q: Am I allowed to use this mod's textures or any art work ?

A: No.

Modpack Permissions (Link to them)


Support Us

You can support us in many ways, including donating to us, or becoming a patreon. All donators & supporters will have a custom cosmetic displaying in game on top of their player, visible to all players with the mod installed.



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