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Have you ever got times where you really need more diamonds and only thing you kept finding is gold? Worry no more!~~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


This mod only adds 3 different tiers of Philosophers Stones which have 64(Lesser Minium Stone), 256(Minium Stone) or 1280(Philosopher's Stone) durability. 


This mod adds basic shapeless transmutation recipes for most of the vanilla stuff like "dirt-cobble-sand-gravel, iron-gold-diamond, redstone-glowstone-coal, logs-obsidian-clay and rotten flesh to leather" NOTE: Some recipes are purposefully coded to be one way, for instance; uranium to diamond, wood to obsidian"


But the best part that makes this mod most powerful is the mod ingots support. This mod automatically detects if you have the certain mods and will create transmutation recipes for its metals. It priorities which mod's ingots are used by a priority system, if you have thermal foundation, you should be fine but it works also with; 

"Thermal Foundation"

"Immersive Engineering"





"It is balanced because it uses one durability per craft, and useful since you only need a diamond for the tier 1"


my first mod pls dont h8 owo


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