Arcane Essentials

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Gday, CurseForge!
I bring to you Arcane Essentials!
This addon brings a couple new spells to Electroblob's Wizardry. In the future, there'll be mana gauntlets, melee spells, elemental weapons, and more!!!!!
Currently, there are 12 spells.

  • Air (Earth)
  • Cyclone Bolt (Apprentice)

    • Fire a bolt of air in the direction you're looking! Great for air-themed traps and dungeons :D

      Cyclone Shield (Advanced) (New!)

      • Create a whirling shield of air around you! Deflects projectiles, multi-hits, and has a final air-explosion to keep mobs away!




  • Water (Earth)
  • Ocean Burst (Apprentice)

    • This unleashes a burst of water in a short range where you're looking- great for making those pesky mobs fly away!
    • Whirlpool (Apprentice) (Will get buffed to Advanced next update- just realized it's too op xD)

      • Create a whirlpool around you or where you're looking that sucks in enemies and blasts them away when it dies!



  • Earth
  • Solar Beam (Advanced) (New!)

    • Using the power of the earth, unleash a massive green laser where you're looking! It lasts for a while, multi-hits, and is awesome!!!!


  • Healing
  • Radiant Beam (Advanced)

    • Shoot a beam of radiant energy to smite your foes! It pierces, has ultra long range, sets enemies on fire, and does extra damage to undead!
    •  Radiance Storm (Master):

      • Call down pillars of light from the heavens, and SMITE YOUR ENEMIES INTO DUST MWAHAHAHAHA!


  • Lightning/Storm
    • Storm Blink (Master)
      • Who needs regular teleportation, when you have ultra-long-range teleportation that smites monsters!!!! No more getting ambushed- ambush them instead with a small burst of plasma!

    • Lightning Vortex (Advanced)
      • STORMNADO!!! Summon a tornado of lightning in the direction you're looking! If it goes over lava or fire, then it becomes a FIRE STORMNADO!!!!! BURNNNNNNNNN
      • Thunder Burst (Master)
        • Do you need more lightning explosions? Of course you do! This spells unleashes a massive burst of lightning, blasting away all nearby enemies!


  • Fire
    • Inferno Pillar (Advanced)
      • INCINERAATEEEE MWAHAHAHAHA Surround yourself in a pillar of flame that deflects projectiles and keeps those pesky mobs away! Stays in place- good for herding mobs away and giving you room to breathe!
      • Note: Mobs that are immune to fire are immune to this spell.
    • Fire Pledge! (Advanced)
      • Summon geysers of flame in front of you! (Uh, I should probably increase the damage xDDD). At least the geysers multi-hit? They deflect projectiles! Super cool!


  • And here's a list of spells that are coming soon!
    • Glacial Raze
    • Geyser
    • Stone Edge

All radiant damage now does 1.5x damage to the undead!

If anyone wants to provide better textures, please go ahead! I use something known as "dev art"- that is, I have 0 artistic ability xD
All help is appreciated!
Please report issues on github! Mod version, forge version, wizardry version, and any other relevant information is greatly appreciated! 
NOTE: Please use the latest version of Electroblob's Wizardry! (4.1.4, for 1.12.2).


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