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Arcane Essentials (Electroblob's Wizardry)

Gday, CurseForge!
I bring to you Arcane Essentials!
This addon brings a couple new spells to Electroblob's Wizardry. In the future, there'll be mana gauntlets, melee spells, elemental weapons, and more!!!!!

For Wizardry 4.2.0 or newer, please use versions 0.9.1 or newer. For older wizardry, use older versions.


NOTE: I just released a big update with around 13 new spells! I'll update this page soon to showcase them :D

-42 spells!

-Master tier swords for every element! Experimental, and only available in creative for now. In the future, there'll be sword only spells, and you'll be able to configure which spells go on swords.


  • Air (Earth)
  • Cyclone Bolt (Apprentice)

    • Fire a bolt of air in the direction you're looking! Great for air-themed traps and dungeons :D

      Cyclone Shield (Advanced)

      • Create a whirling shield of air around you! Deflects projectiles, multi-hits, and has a final air-explosion to keep mobs away!




  • Water (Earth)
  • Ocean Burst (Apprentice)

    • This unleashes a burst of water in a short range where you're looking- great for making those pesky mobs fly away!


    • Whirlpool (Advanced)

      • Create a whirlpool around you or where you're looking that sucks in enemies and blasts them away when it dies!



  • Earth
  • Solar Beam (Advanced) (New!)

    • Using the power of the earth, unleash a massive green laser where you're looking! It lasts for a while, multi-hits, and is awesome!!!!


  • Healing
  • Radiant Beam (Advanced)

    • Shoot a beam of radiant energy to smite your foes! It pierces, has ultra long range, sets enemies on fire, and does extra damage to undead!
    •  Radiance Storm (Master):

      • Call down pillars of light from the heavens, and SMITE YOUR ENEMIES INTO DUST MWAHAHAHAHA!


  • Lightning/Storm
    • Thundering Chain (Advanced) (New!)

    Shoot a fast moving line of lightning in front of you!


    • Storm Blink (Master)
      • Who needs regular teleportation, when you have ultra-long-range teleportation that smites monsters!!!! No more getting ambushed- ambush them instead with a small burst of plasma!

    • Lightning Vortex (Advanced)
      • STORMNADO!!! Summon a tornado of lightning in the direction you're looking! If it goes over lava or fire, then it becomes a FIRE STORMNADO!!!!! BURNNNNNNNNN
      • Thunder Burst (Master)
        • Do you need more lightning explosions? Of course you do! This spells unleashes a massive burst of lightning, blasting away all nearby enemies!


  • Fire
    • Inferno Pillar (Advanced)
      • INCINERAATEEEE MWAHAHAHAHA Surround yourself in a pillar of flame that deflects projectiles and keeps those pesky mobs away! Stays in place- good for herding mobs away and giving you room to breathe!
      • Note: Mobs that are immune to fire are immune to this spell.
    • Fire Pledge! (Advanced)
      • Summon geysers of flame in front of you! (Uh, I should probably increase the damage xDDD). At least the geysers multi-hit? They deflect projectiles! Super cool!

      • Inferno Form! (Master) (NEW!)
        • Turn into a raging fire elemental for 12 seconds! Your fire attack power is increased, as is your fire and ice resistance! You have a chance to phase through attacks, you deflect projectiles, and you knockback nearby entities back! You're weak to water attacks, however.


  • Blizzard Beam (Advanced)

    Unleash a beam of pure ice at your enemies! It pierces through them, and does 8 damage!



  • Sorcery
  • Flash Step (Apprentice)

    Teleport up to two times in quick succession! Great for melee combat!





All radiant damage now does 1.5x damage to the undead!

If anyone wants to provide better textures, please go ahead! I use something known as "dev art"- that is, I have 0 artistic ability xD
All help is appreciated!
Please report issues on github! Mod version, forge version, wizardry version, and any other relevant information is greatly appreciated! 
NOTE: Please use the latest version of Electroblob's Wizardry! (4.2.3, for 1.12.2).


DISCLAIMER: I do not own, or claim to own, any of the textures or sounds in my mod. Everything is public under the license. Some images are taken from different games and edited a bit. If someone or a company has an issue with my use of assets, let me know and I'll change it as soon as possible.