Aqua Regia

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A Minecraft mod based on acids

Currently implements creation of Aqua Regia, and allows for gold ore tripling. Aqua Regia is a mixture of Nitric and Hydrochloric Acid, and is able to dissolve gold. This exists in the real world ( ), and now in Minecraft as well!


To start with the mod: First, mine some Salt, Sulfur, and Niter. The ores will be available in any biome at different depth levels. Next, take a bucket of water, and put it in an empty crafting grid, this will make a new bucket of "Neutral Water". After that, combining this water with sulfur, Niter, and/or Salt will allow you to make different kinds of acids. The recipes for these acids are based on real chemical processes that are used to make these acids. Next, mix these acids in the right ratio and you will be able to dissolve gold with Aqua Regia. This dissolved gold can be precipitated with more sulfur, and the resulting dust smelted into standard ingots. If this is done right you will be able to get significantly more gold out of each ore then with a basic furnace.


Implemented Features:

  • Multiple acids available for fun and profit
    • Sulfuric
    • Hydrochloric
    • Nitric
    • Aqua Regia
    • Hydrofluoric
    • Chloroauric
    • Fluorosulfuric
    • Fluoroantimonic
  • Acids will do damage to you if you touch them
  • Acids poured into the world will dissolve rock that they touch until they are neutralized
  • Gold ore tripling through Aqua Regia refining
  • Many options configurable for use on any server or pack


Future Work: This mod is in Beta, and as such is not feature complete:

  • More acids will be added
  • Different acids will need to be stored in different kinds of buckets, otherwise they will eat the through the container
  • Stay tuned for more!


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