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This project is an Fork of the original AE2 in order to port to 1.11.2+ made under the terms of the GPL. The original team has not endorsed this port and will not give you support on it. Please report all bugs here.

AE2 Mainline is now "out" for 1.12, why should I (you) use this?

At time of writing:

  • ME Toolbelt
  • Portable cell bauble
  • Built in Wireless Crafting Terminal (Please note that despite what some may say no code was copied from another mod; the features are just very similar)
  • Normal Wireless Terminal is also a Bauble (with Baubles mod installed)
  • Tab key to focus search box
  • Storage Drawers cache integration (1.12 only)
  • Issues from AE2's tracker such as #2679, #2654, partially #2625, #2624, #2534, #1004 and #2982 shouldn't be a problem on mine.
  • My P2P tunnels let the outputs extract from the inputs - so conduits should work on EITHER side (but not both unless they let external sources inject via standard handlers).
  • I have native TF/BC wrench integration.
  • Oredict support for Fluix transformation.
  • Advancements.
  • Ability to remember the search text in a terminal.
  • Mekanism & OC integrations are added back.
  • Native OC driver.
  • Quartz wrench updates rotated blocks correctly.
  • JEI notes for P2P attunement. 
  • P2P tunnels & interfaces show their custom name in TOP/HWYLA
  • Offhand support for items
  • Auto insert cells in a drive if you right click on a drive slot with drive in hand
  • Remove by doing the same on a filled drive slot + sneak click
  • Coremod is compatible with Sponge. NB: AE team removed their CoreMod
  • Villager trades
  • Tall interface terminals
  • Extract from Condenser using external item handlers
  • Inscribers have more upgrade slots
  • Inscribers can take stacks of stuff
  • Inscribers are no longer sided
  • JEI recipe transfer will check craftables, and has an option to work without having items
  • Chisel support for Sky Stone & Quartz blocks

Will it continue to be updated?

For now, yes.

Can I switch between versions?

Maybe, items should be fine, but in-world tiles probably not. YMMV


Some AE2 addons may work with this mod, but they might not due to the AE2 team changing their API. Please respect addon developers' wishes about what they do and do not support. In the interests of compatibility those changes will be considered for integration to AL on a case-by-case basis.

What is Applied Llamagistics?

Applied Llamagistics is a Minecraft Mod which contains content mostly centered around the concept of using Energy, and the Transformation of Energy in a unique way. Most features relate, or are part of the core mechanic, the ME Network.

Applied Llamagistics - ME Networks provide:

  • Modular Robust automation tools and great support for working with other other automation mods.
    • ME Import Bus
    • ME Export Bus
    • ME Level Emitter
    • ME Interface
  • Storage system using ME Drives and Storage Cells and ME Storage Buses. Store more than chests!
  • P2P Tunnels to transmit signals, items, fluids and other concepts over common cables.
  • Less time wasted walking back to your chests when working in your base with the Wireless Terminal.
  • Get more from your mining trips early game with the Quartz Grindstone.
  • Hide your cables with Cable Facades
  • Lots of neat decorative blocks like Sky Stone Block, Certus Quartz Pillar, Quartz Glass and Charged Quartz Fixture.
  • and so much more!

"The name is dumb"

It's a pun name, so is inherently meant to be. It is also a reference to 1.11, the first version it was released for. If you can come up with a better one, suggest it.


The old mod documentation can be found at http://ae-mod.info/ - doc update coming soon. For now the focus is on bugs.