Applied Fluidics

150,844 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

The wait is over, once again you can store fluids in your Applied Energistics ME networks! Completely new code, more of a spiritual successor to Extra Cells than anything.


Not compatible with AE2 RV6!



Items Included

  • Fluid Interface - craft bucket patterns with fluids in your network! Use a normal pattern with a bucket of fluid in it. Will also supply fluid ingredients from patterns directly as a fluid where possible.
  • Fluid Import Bus - import fluids to storage
  • Fluid Export Bus - export fluids from you network
  • Fluid Storage Bus - store  and access fluids in a tank or subnetwork
  • Fluid Level Emitter - emit redstone based on fluid store in the network
  • Fluid Storage Cells - store fluids in you ME Drive
  • Fluid Formation Plane - place fluid blocks from the network
  • Fluid Annihilation Plane - absorb fluid blocks, milk cows, or supply infinite Water to your system (place on a Water block that has 2 adjacent Water blocks)
  • Fluid Terminal - store and extract fluids in your system into buckets and tanks
  • Advanced Interface Terminal - an Interface Terminal that can also display the contents of Fluid Interfaces
  • Certus & Nether Quartz buckets - who needs iron for buckets?!
  • Certus Tank - Basic 16 bucket tank made of Quartz Glass
  • Fluid Processors/Presses/Printed-Circuits - the recipe part of the fluid items.

To Come

  • Crystal Water Injector - inject water to grow your crystal seeds faster
  • Liquifier/Mixer/Solidifier - kind of like tinkers, but AE style
  • Mekanism gasses - still deciding exactly how this should function
  • More fluid crafting options

A note on assets

Many of the textures/models are recolours of original AE2 textures/models, as such those textures fall under the AE2 texture licence; CC BY-NC-SA 3.0



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