Applied Energistics 2

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Filename appliedenergistics2-rv1-beta-21.jar
Uploaded by AlgorithmX2
Uploaded Sep 6, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 2.25 MB
Downloads 972
MD5 d13a3a2a18892524d6f0c3580f7cd0db
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


Assemblers no save in a few additional cases.
Protect vs Null container Items in crafting code.
Added logging for security audits.
Remove Stack Limit from Seeds.
When adding a part to a Crafting CPU the CPU now properly breaks before reconstructing, Fixes item deletion.
Crafting CPUs can now by default perform 1 delivery per 3 ticks, and Co-Processors add to this.
When you Shift + Dbl Click an item it now moves all like items.
Parts now properly save under a number of conditions.
Fixed a bug where the quartz wrench stopped rotating blocks.
Inverted Toggle buses no longer drain power.
Fix issue with wildcard Items not pulling properly from storage when using Shift+? in NEI.
Fixed an issue with patterns that yield the same input as output.
Verify folder exists after its generated in world gen.