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Apothic Combat


The Problem:

Apotheosis and Better Combat currently have some conflicting features -- 

  • Apotheosis adds a "Heavy Weapon" category, which is somewhat similar to the concept of Better Combat's two-handed weapons, but the two have no relationship at all.
  • Apotheosis (and Forge) treat attack range as an entity attribute and allow growth with gems and affixes, but Better Combat prevents these from working as it defines attack range as an immutable weapon property defined with its own JSON format.

What does this mod do?:

  • Registers all two-handed Better Combat weapons automatically as HEAVY_WEAPON for Apotheosis
  • Removes the Entity Reach Attribute from all weapons, and makes the attack range affix nonfunctional

Potentially planned (for now this can be accomplished with a datapack):

  • Disable the default Elongated affix from appearing at all
  • Add an option to preserve entity reach modifications, but apply them to Weapon Attributes/attack range instead. This would still be overrideable by datapack.