Apocalyptic Disaster Buckets

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The name was changed from Natural Disaster Buckets to Apocalyptic Disaster Buckets. This was done, to differ MCreator and CurseForge platform. The name is only changed at CurseForge.
But keep in mind that the filenames of the *.jar-files are unchanged.
Project status: Stable
License: CC BY-SA 3.0



  • Tsunami Bucket
  • Lava Tsunami Bucket
  • Ice Tsunami Bucket
  • Poison Bucket
  • Dark Fluid Bucket
  • Gas Bucket
  • Gold Fluid Bucket
  • Fire Bucket


  • Bacteria Spawner


It´s a mod, where you can spawn natural disasters in your own world, to destroy it. Once a disaster has started, you can´t stop it. Save your world before you start a disaster!

The Tsunami Bucket, spawns a big water wave, which will go in every direction. But then there also is the Lava Tsunami Bucket, you burn in it, when you jump in the fluid.

The Ice Tsunami Bucket is actually the same as the Tsunami Bucket. (An Update would come!)

There are also the Dark Fluid Bucket and the Gas Bucket.

At last I will show you the Poison Bucket. It is a green dark fluid. You can burn in it and it will hit you, also the mobs are affected from the same.


Have FUN!


*Support for older versions will be accessible later