Apocalypse Dimension

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This mod adds a new Dimension to the game called the Apocalypse Dimension. It is a desert on the surface and underground there are sandstone caves. On the surface you can find dead bushes, cactus, and mushrooms, and a new block called cracked clay. This dimension is incredibly dangerous, as you can find just about every hostile mob wandering around the desert. Eventually this dimension is meant to look like the future of Earth, with abandoned buildings, and possibly survivors camped in tents or small houses.


This mod adds a thirst bar, which means you must drink the items added to this mod to keep your thirst bar full. One thirst droplet goes down around every 2 minutes. To refill the thirst bar there are new items in game, such as the Apple Juice filled Mortar. Simply drinking a glass water bottle will also do the trick! There is a config file in your minecraft folder which can turn the thirst bar on or off.


This mod adds many new items to the game which help you survive in the Apocalypse Dimension and the desert. There is a range of new tools and weapons added, including the Hardened Sandstone tools. Screenshots for all of the new items added will be in the images section.


Tool sets added:

Hardened Sandstone tools - A reasonably tough tool set, each tool crafted with hardened sandstone blocks.

Ceramic tools - These tools do the job extremely fast, but break very easily. Crafted by smelting a clay tool mould.

Cactus tools - Similar to hardened sandstone tools, but made of cactus and slightly weaker.


Armour sets added:

Sandstone armour - Crafted like regular armour, but with sandstone as the block. A full set of this armour fills just above half of your armour stat.

Hardened Sandstone armour - Crafted the same as Sandstone armour, but with Hardened Sandstone as the block. This armour is very tough, and it fills up your armour stat completely.

Cactus armour - An armour set made out of cactus blocks, reasonably tough, although it won't keep you protected forever.


Blocks added:

Hardened Sandstone - Used to craft the new Hardened Sandstone tools, and is very efficient for building strong bases. Crafted by placing 9 blocks of sandstone covering every slot in a crafting table.

Cracked Clay - A block that spawns in large patches in the Apocalypse Dimension. It will drop 4 pieces of clay when broken.

Cactus Block - Made out of 4 regular pieces of cactus, not too good for building strong bases, but is useful in crafting recipes such as the cactus tools and armour set.


Items added:

Salt - Crafted by filtering sand through the Hardened Sandstone Filter. Can be used to increase the nutritional value of cooked meat and the food this mod adds.

Hardened Sandstone Filter - Crafted recipe shown in images section. Used to filter sand into salt.

Clay Tool Moulds - A clay mould has been added for each tool type. Once smelted, the mould is converted into a ceramic tool of the same tool type (eg: pickaxe).

Mortar and Pestle - Crafting recipe shown in images section. Used in multiple crafting recipes, including Apple Juice filled Mortar, and Cactus Juice filled Mortar.


Food added:

Mushroom Snack - Crafted with 2 pieces of red mushroom and 2 pieces of brown mushroom. Restores 4 hunger (2 icons in the bar).

Cactus Snack - Crafted with a single piece of cactus. Restores 2 hunger (1 icon in the bar). Also deals 2 damage (1 heart) to the player upon consumption.

Salted food items - Added a salted item for each type of cooked meat and each food item in this mod. When salted, a food's nutritional value is increased.


Drinks added:

Apple Juice Mortar - Crafted with an apple and a mortar and pestle, drink to restore 2 water droplets. Upon consumption the mortar and pestle you used to craft it is returned to your inventory.

Cactus Juice Mortar - Crafted the same as the Apple Juice Mortar, but with a cactus instead of an apple. Also restores 2 water droplets.


To get to the Apocalypse dimension place cobblestone in a nether portal shape and light it with the portal igniter (shown in the images section). Before you enter this dangerous dimension, be sure to have strong enough weapons to defend yourself against the most hostile creatures in the game.


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