Anwraith's Artisan Additions

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Anwraith's Artisan Additions is a mod that aims to create several building sinks for overly abundant resources and useless items in both Vanilla farms and Modded experiences.

The idea is to create several blocks and items to decorate builds in mass and give it a more personal touch from the random junk you have in inventory. Anything from iron i-beams to chimneys to paper lanterns. This kills two birds with one stone by removing several spare resources a player gathers throughout their world and allowing them to instead use them to add a personal touch of style to their builds. 

I would highly recommend installing Just Enough Items as there are a ton of recipes to know to produce the various blocks added.

Anwraith's Artisan Additions is a FORGE mod. I do not have plans at this time to port it over to fabric. 





Q. Can I use Anwraith's Artisan Additions in a modpack?

A. Absolutely yes! Feel free to use it in any pack you want. Just do the following:

-Credit correctly, don't claim Anwraith's Artisan Additions as your own mod.

-Read the Changelogs before updating your pack. If something is going to break your world, I will hopefully let you know ahead of time.


Q. Which version of Minecraft will the mod be updated for?

A. Anwraith's Artisan Additions is updated for whatever version of Minecraft is most up to date with an active forge mod loader. Any other versions posted before then are discontinued.



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