Bizzare Animals! More animals for your world!

26,608 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 29, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Mod that adds new animals to the game, most of them are passive or attack only when hurt!

They have special interactions, like lizard or frog eating flies, penguins lying eggs, or lions chasing giraffe!

I will add more and more animals with future updates, you can suggest what animals would you want to see in the next update!


               My Discord, you can suggest things, report bugs etc. here:


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Current list of animals:
-Dart Frog, two variants!
-Lizard, two variants!
-Tarantula, four variants!
-Penguin, two variants!
-Green Python!
-Grizzly Bear!
New animals:
New animals:
-Sun Bear!
-Goblin Shark!
-Maned Wolf!
New animals:

New animals:
-Dwaf Caiman!

New animals!



Each animal will spawn in a biome that is closest to natural habitat of them, for example lions and giraffe spawns in savanna!

Hope you enjoy this mod!

Made with MCreator


New big update!

Old models has been changed to the newer versions, animals look now better, they have better animations, or skins

List of mobs that were changed:
-Goblin Shark!
-Maned Wolf!
-Desert Lizard!
-Yellow dart frog!
-Strawberry dart frog!
-Green python!
-Dwarf Caiman!

All the other mobs had some tweaks to textures, or tweaks to movement


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