Animal Weapons and Armor

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This mod adds different types of weapons, tools, armor, and other equipment based on the different mobs in the game. Each item is obtained as a rare drop from the mob the item was based on.

Current Items

Blaze Bow

The blaze bow is a fiery variant of the bow. Any arrow fired from this bow will be set on fire and cause fire damage to the target. - Dropped from the Blaze - Repaired using Blaze Rods - Can not be enchanted with the Flame enchantment. This effect is already baked in so this opens up a free enchantment slot for other effects.

Background & Future Content

This mod was made by my brother for the MMD Jam. This was his first time making a Minecraft mod and also his first time learning to code. As he learns more about programming and has more free time he plans to add many more types of items and also add config options and other improvements.


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