[ANGRY PIXEL] The Betweenlands

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Filename TheBetweenlands-3.8.1-universal.jar
Uploaded by SeriousCreeper
Uploaded Nov 28, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
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In this update: Net Fish and Chill fixes, changes, and some subtitle improvements


- Added a hurt sound for many small critters
- Updated the Russian translation once again, thanks avale1648!


- The Anadia Treasure loot table has been nerfed slightly
- Loot Pots broken underwater will now spawn a Silt or Bubbler Crab instead of a Termite
- Lurkers will now be attracted to Fish Bait that's modified to glow
- Sap Spit is now used in Amphibious Armor for a decay decrease instead of Anadia Scales
- Anadia Scales now add armor points when used in Amphibious Armor
- Amphibious Armor Upgrades now have a chat message warning and sound when they break
- Fishing Tackle Boxes now require clicking on the top of them to be seated
- Renamed "Fish Trimming Table" to "Trimming Table", since, well, crabs aren't fish
- Anadia and Cave Fish now occasionally emit some bubble particles
- Staff of the Mist Walker and Staff of the Shadow Walker now have a swing animation\
- The Winter Event now only lasts one week
- Fishing now uses saturation before hunger, and more of each


- Fixed Weedwood Logs not visually rotating when placed
- Fixed Filtered Silt Glass Panes not having a crafting recipe
- Fixed Mist Bridge blocks not using their block texture while in the inventory (Creative mode)
- Fixed double tall plants destroying blocks in their way when grown from Ground Dried Swamp Reed
- Fixed a Trimming Table exploit with hoppers
- Fixed Crab Pots and Crab Pot Filters not dropping when broken
- Fixed many missing, broken, or incorrect subtitles
- Upgrades within a piece of Amphibious Armor will now drop when it breaks instead of disappearing
- Fixed being able to place Glowing Goop that was used in Amphibious Armor to reset its durability
- Fixed Fishing Tackle Boxes being able to seat multiple players simultaneously
- Fixed the Mortar not visually registering a Pestle being added with right-click
- Fixed the Triggerstone crashing the game when a removed upgrade is selected
- Fixed the Emberling spawn egg using the wrong colors
- Fixed the Water Weeds item being animated
- Fixed a crash with Bubbler Crabs

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