Ancient Gateways

5,837 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

Ancient Gateways

A mod about linking distant points across space and dimensions for Fabric 1.16.x


Right now, the mod's only feature are its titular gateways, multiblock teleporters that form a network across all dimensions. Any gateway on the network can link to any other, no matter the distance or dimension(s), provided that it is supplied with glyphs (either by hand or by machine) that match up with the ones on the target's structure.




Gateway structural requirements are fairly flexible. Any 7x7 or larger design that has the core and glyphs in the right places, and a 5x5 square or fat cross hole for the portal will work, regardless of structural material.



More features coming soon™.



Thanks to Shartte/Gimpansor for letting me use their cross-dimensional teleport code
Thanks to Hansjörg Malthaner for their portal animation


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