Ancestors of the Deep

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Currently, Ancestors of the Deep adds a single tool/armor set, however I am working on adding a few crafting stations and then a dimension.  Currently, this mod adds overworld world generation, though it will not when the dimension has been implemented.  


This mod is being created to help me to lean programming along with how to mod Minecraft.  It is an open source project, and you may find the source code here.  If you'd like to use this mod in a modpack, go ahead.  Feel free to redistribute this mod, though I ask that you at least give me some form of credit for it's creation. 


Almost ALL content in this mod will be altered, or removed entirely once the dimension has been implemented.  Please keep that in mind, as I wish not to upset those who want to see more from the current concept of the mod's content.  


Please enjoy, and if you find a bug, please add it to the Issues section here.  If the game crashes, and you believe it to this mod that was the cause, please send me a FULL crash report and details as to what you were doing when the game crashed.  The old forum thread is a good way to contact me with crashes, however you may PM me if you so choose.


-  Installation -

!! This mod REQUIRES MinecraftForge to operate correctly !!

  1. Download and install MinecraftForge
  2. Download the Ancestors of the Deep version of your choice, and place it in your mods folder.
  3. Run Minecraft.  Any setup that mod needs will be done by the mod.
  4. Enjoy!

NOTE:  I recommend using Curse Voice if you aren't already.  It makes modding Minecraft ten times easier.


- Credits -

Programming:  Searous X20

Design:  Jay, Searous X20

Testing:  EclipsXoRaiN

Inspiration / Concept:  Jay


Special thanks to my friends and family for supporting me!




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