Amulet Stone

3,725 Downloads Last Updated: May 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Get rid of the mobs around your home. Consume redstone energy. Compatible with Mekanism pipe system.


  • The AvoidAmuletStone AI keeps mobs away you.
  • It works at night only, but you can change in config file.
  • Need the redstone power. Hold the redstone and Right-Click to fuel it.
  • Disable the stone with a redstone signal under it.
  • Top side of Block is compatible with Mekanism pipe system.



  • AvoidAmuletStone AI系统让怪物远离你
  • 晚上工作模式,但在配置文件中可以修改
  • 消耗红石能量,手握红石然后右键点击石头补充能量
  • 在下方提供红石信号可以暂时关闭功能
  • 方块上方兼容Mekanism的物流管道系统用于补充红石


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