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This mod adds the substance called Amber from the TV-Show Fringe.

When an Amber device is deployed, amber starts to spread to a certain point then hardens rapidly, forming unbreakable* blocks.

Anything inside the Amber will stay alive but will not be able to move or get out.


*You can break amber with an amber laser 



Remote control:

Remote control recipe

 Amber laser:

Crafting Recipe Amber Laser

Amber Cores : Mk1 Redstone Block ,Mk2 Enderpearl,Mk3 Diamond

Amber Core Mk1

Amber Device Hull

Device Hull 

Amber Devices. Mk1: Hull + Core mk1,  Mk2: Device Mk1 + Core mk2 , Mk3: Device Mk2 + Core mk3

Amber Devices 


***Old  Recipes for Amber or below ***

Amber device mk1:

Crafting Recipe Amber DeviceMk1

  Amber device mk2:

Crafting Recipe Amber Device Mk2 

  Amber device mk3:

Crafting Recipe Amber Device Mk2


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