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inspired by RaysGrid, this mod allows you to remove blocks in a certain pattern when the world generates. The current options are:
 - disabled: does literally nothing, it's just here to allow you to play normal Minecraft with the mod installed

 - distance1: A grid of blocks where every block is separated by one block.

 - distance2: distance1 but one block further apart

 - distance3: equivalent to RaysGrid, distance2 but one more block of distance

 - random25: every block has a 25% chance to be deleted

 - random50: every block has a 50% chance to be deleted

 - random75: every block has a 75% chance to be deleted

 - random90: every block has a 90% chance to be deleted

 - random99: every block has a 99% chance to be deleted



I'm lazy, so I just added a new game rule instead of having an actual settings menu

The game rule should be near the bottom.


This works on ANY kind of world - normal worlds, superflat, even modded ones should work (Please submit an issue on Github or comment if it doesn't work)


I very highly recommend having at least Starlight and Lithium installed as well, because the removed blocks create a lot of updates that those mods will optimize out.


Since the void type is stored in a game rule, you can use the "/gamerule" command to change the type of a certain world and any new chunks generated in that world will be the type you set it to.



-fabric API



-port to Forge (low priority)

-port to Spigot (low priority)

(These are low priority since they would take quite a bit of work)

-ability to customize which blocks are excluded from being removed

-more customization in general


If you want to try and add a feature yourself, please give it a shot and create a poll request on Github! I don't have a lot of time for this project so it will be greatly appreciated.