Almost Enough Items

54,083 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 5, 2018 Game Version: 1.13

This mod requires Rift 1.0.4

(Suggested version 1.0.4-66.  Rift now provides a MultiMC export, that you can easily import into MultiMC.  Check it out at the bottom of the link.)


AEI is a tool that is intended to be similar to JEI/NEI


Current Features

  • Shows all available items on the Right, like NEI/JEI
  • Cheat items in if player has OP permissions (now works on server, if server has AEI installed)
  • Search bar, including @modname functionality
  • Recipe Display (Crafting, and Furnace in, Alchemy still waiting)
  • Plugin support (Very basic)
  • Hide AEI interface (Press o)

Planned Features:

  • Auto Fill Recipes

Please report any bugs you find! Thank you.


AEI appearing on top of the GUI should be fixed!  Please double check.


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