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Almost Bedtime

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Almost Bedtime

Have you ever been surprised by a baddie because you didn't realize it was nighttime again already? Maybe while building your dream base... or leaving a cave after a long expedition with a huge haul of ores... possibly even just while having been indoors crafting and enchanting your gear for the next adventure...

With Almost Bedtime your player will YAWN shortly before you are allowed to sleep, giving you a subtle heads up that it will soon be night, and the baddies will be out...

No more getting surprised by the darkness!


There are currently two "yawn styles" available... Steve and Alex, choose which you prefer and change anytime. Both will have a couple yawns that will be used randomly, I'll look to add more in the future...

Upon loading into a world for the first time with Almost Bedtime installed your "yawn style" will be set to Steve and you will be given a Written Book titled Almost Bedtime... This book will allow you to change your "yawn style" in two ways... Opening the book will present you with a simple menu so you can choose your preferred "yawn style"... However, if you don't have cheats enabled you can simply click the Almost Bedtime book on your bed to toggle between the Steve and Alex styles... This book can also be crafted by combining a Book and a Clock in the Crafting Table...

In Development

  • More random yawns
  • Past Bedtime
  • A proper configuration setup (Mod Menu Support)
  • Varied yawn times