All The Swords

31,055 Downloads Last Updated: May 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


All the Swords is a Mod that adds many different swords to your game to spice it up a bit ;) These swords range from cactus swords to plasma swords! Some swords even have special abilities like a meteor, TNT, and lightning that are activated on right click! The mod is survival and creative friendly too! It is super compatible so you can play it with almost any other mod :D 


Cactus Sword

Carrot Sword

Rotten Flesh Sword

Double Diamond Sword

TNT Sword

Plasma Sword

Dirt Sword

Slime Sword

Disguised Sword

Emerald Sword


Shuriken Thrower

Suicide Sword

Bow Sword

The Ultimate Sword

The Ultimate Pickaxe

Electrum Armor

Electrum Ingot

Ultimanium Ingot

Ultimanium Dust

Ultimanium Ore

Electrum Ore

Electrum Coal


Conductive Iron

Super Charged Acid

Smoke Bomb

Void Chest (WIP)


Road Map



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