All the Drops

3,689 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 23, 2017 Game Version: 1.12

All the Drops increases the mob and block drop rate in Minecraft.

Are you tired of farming carrots? Do you wish zombies could be a reliable source of iron? Are you short on wood? If the answer is anything but waffle, then this mod will delight its installation of Minecraft Forge.


Current: Release 1.0.1

Status Definitions

Alpha: Not all features for the current release have been implemented and suggestions (preferably via GitHub issues) are welcomed.

Beta: All features for the current release have been implemented. Report bugs to the Github issue tracker. Any feature suggestions will apply to the next alpha phase.

Release: There are no planned features and no known or major bugs. Bugfixes will be applied.


  • Customizable drop multiplier
  • Baubles support (with a lovely shirt)
  • Uses Forge's ore dictionary with editable entries
  • Enable 100% mob drop rates (All the Drops!)






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