Alex's Mobs

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Filename alexsmobs-1.21.0.jar
Uploaded by sbom_xela
Uploaded Nov 6, 2022
Game Version 1.19.2   +2
Size 24.45 MB
Downloads 401,336
MD5 8ea808d77fdd331fa23ad13170d850ef
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Supported Minecraft 1.19 Versions


-Added Skunk, a stinky mammal found in forests

-Added Banana Slug, a sticky mollusc with some quite absorbent slime

-Added Blue Jay, a small bird with a feisty attitude and a true friend of other forest creatures

-Added new model and texture for Soul Vulture

-Added JEI integration for capsid recipes

-Soul Vulture now appears with flames when it will drop its heart

-Increased Farseer health to 70 HP

-Fixed client crash related to other mod mixins on entity construction

-Fixed Alex's Mobs paintings not showing up

-Fixed flying using Rocky Roller chestplate

-Fixed misspelling errors related to skreecher

-Fixed tusklins, bison, etc. not walking up 1 block tall heights when chasing

-Fixed Straddleboard dupe

-Fixed tendon whip hitting its user

-Fixed some elephant advancements not working

-Fixed polish translation missing

-Fixed capsid not always transforming items before moving them to containers

-Fixed beach mobs not spawning on stony shores

-Updated Swedish translations

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