Alex's Mobs

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Filename alexsmobs-1.10.1.jar
Uploaded by sbom_xela
Uploaded May 13, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5  
Size 10.86 MB
Downloads 1,053,074
MD5 2dcd49c48c9ed630064c9f2af944dda7
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


-Added config for eagle to teleport when stuck

-Added config for sound level of cachalot whale

-Improved biome configs for biomes you'll go mod

-Removed spawn block limitations for crimson mosquito, endergrade, warped toad, and mungus

-Fixed camera freak out when bald eagle is returning

-Fixed tiger attack crash

-Fixed tiger being hostile after having effect

-Fixed server lag caused by cachalot whale

-Fixed bald eagle not dissapearing after death

-Fixed cachalot whale sonar noises being extremely loud

-Fixed tiger sleeping in water

-Fixed merchant elephants eating plants

-Fixed enchanted straddleboards loosing enchantments

-Fixed grizzly bear head rotating downwards

-Fixed bees not attracted with acacia blossoms

-Fixed enderiophage never spawning

-Fixed crimson mosquito not classified as a monster

-Fixed tarantula hawk not classified as an arthropod

-Fixed missing tiger spawn configs

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